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Red Seas Under Red Skies (Gentleman Bastard, #2) by Scott Lynch

“Who’s the biggest, meanest motherfucker here? Who’s the best bruiser in the Brass Coves?”

Seriously, it was incredible. I can’t even explain how happy I was to be back in this world. I went into this book with lowish expectations because, I heard it was the weakest in the trilogy. However for me that wasn’t the case, this book was as good as The Lies of Locke Lamorr, honestly I can’t decide if I like this one or the first one better, so I’m going to say they are both equally amazing. I found the writing this time around to be much easier to follow and still love the way the chapters are set, past and present. BUT I still hated the long arse descriptions that go on and on, the world building is wonderful however I found the descriptions to be over kill. The action in this one doesn’t stop, its like a horrible roller coaster that your not allowed to get off, instead of vomiting, I came close to having a heart attack..

On more then one occasion, I found myself talking to the book, begging for my favourite bromance ever to stay safe & friends, I even cried. Like there was some really heartbreaking parts in this book. The pain Locke & Jean felt at the start, the strain on their friendship & most importantly the death of my ultimate ship. The pain in my heart, was also real.

I must also admit, it definitely wasn’t as fun to read as the first. This book is a lot darker then the first and has a lot of heartbreak and anguish. I read an article recently, that my friend Petrik sent me about Scott Lynch and his battle with depression, so I completely understand why this book was a lot darker then the first, as Scott stated he was going through a rough time in his life & this is also the reason for the delay for book four. I’m really impressed that even through his darkest times he still manages to write incredible stories, this book was less humorous then the first but definitely wasn’t lacking for banter & still had some really funny moments. It also had a ROMANCE, Yay. I totally love romance in stories, only when the romance isn’t the main focus. It had me feeling all gooey inside. I just loved everything about this book.

“Pretend I’m a barrel, then.” “Barrels don’t have br—” “So I’ve heard. Find the nerve, ___.” “You want me to pretend that you’re a barrel so I can tell you what I was telling barrels back when I was pretending they were you.” “Precisely.”

Only one word to describe this book and that’s BADASS. As you all know I love criminals, deceit, backstabbing, bromance, swearing (my inner hillbilly loves all the swearing), thievery & tough people. Well folks this book has all of the above, like could this series actually be the bible of badassery? Truth be honest, it is the holy grail of badassery & I’m currently making a temple to worship the thirteenth god, the Crooked Warden. I swear this book was written for me. We were made for each other. It was even educational. I learnt a lot from this book, it taught me how to lie, steal, cheat, the fact that you must take cats to sea for luck, to kill people & also this new insult “I’ll fuckin’ kill you later, you cabbage-brained pig-rapist!”
The story is a continuation of book one after Locke & Jean escape from Camorr. This time around we have two broken men, who are trying to get established in the underworld in a new city. The job itself is to steal something precious from the Spinspire casino. I found the plot in this book more complex then book one, there was a quote in the book that describes it perfectly; “This web of lies was growing so convoluted, so branching, and so delicate that a moth’s fart might knock it to pieces—”

The lies that Locke & Jean weave are so complex, I have no idea how Scott thought of half the stuff that happens in the book, some of the situations the bastards got out of or should I say lied themselves out of were so insane. This book was full of heisty goodness, it was like Oceans Eleven only with PIRATES! Did I just say pirates? Yes I fucking did. I don’t know about you, but Pirates are my favourite criminals ever, so I was an extremely happy camper while reading this book. I found the pirate terminology easy to follow because well let’s face it, I’m a pirate and fluent in pirate language. I also didn’t know pirates loved cats?! I AM THE CRAZY CAT LADY so I loved all the mewing and pawing around. So much cat talk. I’m in cat heaven. ““We must have cats. A basket of cats, for the Red Messenger. We need what luck we can steal. All gods as your witness, you must not fail to have cats at that ship before we put to sea.”

But I’m faced with a new issue & it was worst then all the heartbreak.. I can’t pick a favourite character and I always need a favourite. Im indecisive on who I like more, I love them both for different reason, Jean because his the toughest motherfucker ever, “I’m the meanest motherfucker here. I’m the biggest bruiser in the Brass Coves.”. But then I also love Locke because his a clever, little crafty bastard & the best thief ever “You snake-souled, dirty-minded son of a bitch! I hope a shark tries to suck your cock!”. So I’ve decided they can both join my harem. I truly adore Locke & Jean, they’re bromance is amazing, honestly the best bromance ever & their banter is something else, the sass is so strong with these two perfect thieves. If I could have two book best friends id choose Locke & Jean, hands down.

descriptiondescriptionfanart by Tolmancotton.

Can this series be made into a movie now? Please. My action loving self is craving to see my bastards kick arse on screen.

“Surely you boys can do simple sums,” he said. “One plus one equals don’t fuck with me.”

I’d recommend this to all fantasy lovers 15+. I also think this series would be a great introduction for someone wanting to read adult fantasy.
Ps. Currently training to be a gentleman bastard. See all you suckers when I’m snatching your purse.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard #1) by Scott Lynch

❝I only steal because it’s heaps of fucking fun!❞

“You can’t be serious. This crap is as welcome as a pile of severed dog cocks.”
Firstly this book was incredible, seriously i can’t even think of words to describe how good it was. This was my first time reading anything by Scott Lynch and I’m really impressed, he is a fantastic author and extremely talented. I’m so glad I picked up this book. I enjoyed it from page one, although I must admit it took me over 100 pages to understand what was going on, this story is written in past & present, so the chapters can be really confusing at the beginning. After getting used to Scotts writing style I was blown away, I feel like it’s nearly impossible to pull off a book with past & present chapters especially when it jumps around a lot, but Scott Lynch managed pulled it off. The plot is slow paced but builds up to a massive story, normally not my cup of tea because it doesn’t have much violence or magic in the plot but still the definition of badassery! Oceans Eleven meets The Bank Job meets Mistborn. Seriously this book was so much fun to read. I love gangsters and I love criminals so with the complex plot, this book was a 10/10.

“Hard lessons were handed out. As many men learned to their sorrow, it’s impossible to be intimidating when one angry woman has your cock between her teeth and another is holding a stiletto to your kidneys.”

This book is on my favourite shelf and in my top five favourite books ever. I literally loved reading it. I was so captivated by the plot & the characters. I read some of the reviews for this book and saw a lot of people complaining about the amount of swearing…. The swearing made it hilarious and I loved it so much. Scott Lynch literally swears in every sentence (just like me haha). I can’t remember ever laughing so much in a fantasy book. Only had one issue it felt really long, like some description went on and on, some also weren’t necessary at all. Yes Scott Lynch is a beautiful and interesting world builder, however some parts just went over the top, I did skim a lot of descriptions, except characters and important scenes.

“Haven’t you ever heard that one before? Your Capa Barsavi, he’s not from Camorr, originally. Taught at the Therin Collegium. So, when he drags someone in for a talking-to, that’s ‘etiquette lessons.’ And when he ties them up and makes them talk, that’s ‘singing lessons.’ And when he cuts their throats and throws them in the bay for the sharks…” “Oh,” said Jean, “I guess that’d be teeth lessons. I get it.”

So basically this book is about gangs, there are all different gangs and they are all under one leader the Capa, the gangs each have a leader but the leaders work under the Capa and must pay him to keep their gangs running. The story follows a gang called the gentlemans bastards, all members are orphans and are all trained to be gentleman & the best theifs around. Our main character Locke is a professional liar & the story follows him and his childhood. I absolutely adore Locke, he is everything I look for in a character he is badass, a liar, a criminal & a thief but he is also such a gentleman (swoon worthy). So basically Locke and his gang try to pull off one of the biggest thievery jobs ever, however it doesn’t go to plan and their is a new gang boss on the scene thirsty for revenge.

“A manifestation straight from the ass of a magnificent liar,”

I literally adored all characters in this book and cried a few times at the brutality they go through. The Bromance between Locke and Jean had me. It was so genuine. I think most of my favourite parts where from Jeans POV I loved his training, I loved when he chose his weapons (the sisters) and I loved a certain battle towards the end with him vs two people. It was so badass and Jean is my precious.

“… and this is the card you picked. The six of spires,” said Calo, holding up a card and displaying it for the entrance-hall guards. “Fuck me,” said one of them, “that’s sorcery.” “Nah, it’s just the old Sanza touch.”

I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers and also people who like Mafia books with a twist. I think this book would be a great introduction for anyone wanting to start reading fantasy.
P.S. When I grow up I want to be in the gentlemen’s bastards.

“Chains used to claim that there’s no freedom quite like the freedom of being constantly underestimated,” said Locke. “Gods, yes.” Calo rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue. “If we were any freer we’d float away into the sky and fly like the birds.”


Review of Vicious (vicious #1)by V.E Schwab 

“But these words people threw around – humans, monsters, heroes, villains – to Victor it was all just a matter of semantics. Someone could call themselves a hero and still walk around killing dozens. Someone else could be labeled a villain for trying to stop them. Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.”

Okay so I have always wanted to read vicious, I swear I’ve had it on my tbr since I was born. Why? Well because that blurb sounded oh so delicious, I love anti heros ! As soon as I received Vicious I was so excited to devour it, just like I would a cheesecake. Upon the first page of the novel, I stumbled across this quote; “Life—the way it really is—is a battle not between Bad and Good, but between Bad and Worse. —Joseph Brodsky”THIS IS MY NEW FAVOURITE QUOTE. Its the most truthful thing I’ve ever read in my life. It was love at page one, and my love for this novel only seemed to increase, until that ending. I WANTED MORE BADASSERY! I went through the whole book enjoying it but that ending was so flat. I feel like the ending could have been way better. But that’s really my only complaint and that’s just my opinion.

“The absence of pain led to an absence of fear, and the absence of fear led to a disregard for consequences.”

Okay so enough bad stuff. I don’t think I can flail and yell enough about this book, I wish I could write this whole review in caps to get my point across however that’s hard work on an iPhone and I’m extremely lazy. This book was the bomb, I’m so inlove with it. Everything is just so amazing, I loved the plot so much, it was exciting, fun & full of WOW moments, theres only one word to describe it and that’s COOL. It’s basically about two best friends who start experimenting with near death experiences. Some stuff happens then bam Victor is in jail and escapes with one thing on his mind to kill ELI (his old bestfriend). The book is multiple POV but with Victor as the main and most common POV. The storyline is dark and it is set in a really strange way, it’s in past tense ten years ago, current day & days after Victors escape, so it’s kinda jumpy however she nailed it and it totally worked, so I’m going to applaud Schwab for pulling it off. The characters were so goddamn amazing, we have our protagonist Victor Vale who I adored with every inch of my black heart. Seriously he had my heart captured as soon as he escaped jail *swoons*, I LOVE BADASS MC’s. And he was so bad, like villainous and malicious bad. So PRECIOUS & quite evil. I totally get why people find him hard to like, I however was made for Victor Vale. My favourite Victor Vale quote; “Because you don’t think I’m a bad person,” he said. “And I don’t want to prove you wrong.”
I also love Sydney and Mitch, both were incredibly entertaining background characters. Our antagonist is a sadistic bastard who is like a crazed religious person (I mean NO offence to any religion or extremely religious people or any crazy people in fact! Don’t take my words as an attack. The antagonist is actually a psycho, and if you read the book, you’ll understand what I mean). I always know books are gonna end up hectic when our antagonist is doing things for the ‘greater good’. There was lots of death and good shit. And quite possibly the best anti superhero book I’ve ever read. It’s the only one I’ve read, so it’s not up against anything however it was the greatest & you should just read the goddamn book. Also if you haven’t yet noticed, it was extremely quotable.

I love Schwabs writing style, its very simple and I like simple. She is a fantastic writer and I’m definitely looking forward to some more adult stuff from her and I’ll be dying until book two is released. Like bury me now and revive me once it arrives, I can’t take the waiting already.
I wouldn’t recommend this book to the YA community due to the amount of drug use in it. So definitely recommended to all adults (15+) that have eyes and use them to read.

Review for Red Sister (The Book of the Ancestor 1#)by Mark Lawrence

“Or burn bright, take up arms, and fight the bitch.”

This ARC was provided by NetGallery in exchange for an honest review. Release date in Australia is 6th if April 2017.
I went into Red Sister with apprehension, because I didn’t love this authors other series Broken Empire. So automatically knowing this was a YA I thought I’d hate it. However I got it completely wrong, I actually really enjoyed reading this book and it was actually a fantastic coming of age, YA book. I honestly thought Mark would have struggled transitioning from grimdark and adult fantasy to a YA novel, however the transition was smooth and it was the best book I’ve read by him yet. However it had a few issues, that’s why it isn’t getting five stars from me, but I honestly think the rest of the series will be awesome and more then likely a favourite for myself.

“Truth is a weapon and lies are a necessary shield.”

The book is about an orphaned girl named Nona who has been accused for a crime and is to be hung, however she is brought by the sisters of the Sweet Mercy nunnery, where their girls are taught the way of the blade and fist. After ten years of training they become badass nun assassins.
Seriously this book is as good as it sounds.
Reasons why I loved this book;
• Nona is a total badass and I really enjoyed her POV. Nona is aged 9-12 through majority of the book but is extremely mature.

• The background characters were amazing.

• The world building was beautiful and VIVID.

• All storylines were all interconnected. So it was very interesting.

• The FRIENDSHIPS were so realistic and wonderful, like I wish the girls were my best friends in real life.

It was so BADASS! It had nuns who were basically ninjas and kicked butt, there was lesbian relationships and a whole lot of gore and delicious death.

• All characters were girls. Even tho it lacked the sass you’d expect from a female driven cast, it still was well written. Especially because a man wrote it. It touched on issues like periods and cramps and like I said before it explores bi-sexual and lesbian relationships within the nunnery. (please note: these relationships will likely be broadened in future books).

• The storyline is awesome and extremely well thought, obviously Mark Lawrence spent a lot of time planning this novel and it definitely paid off.

• It was BRUTAL and extremely STABBY, just the way I like it.

I found this image on google while searching for Nona fanart, funnily enough this is exactly how I picture my badass cinnamon roll.

Like I said before it wasn’t all good.. In Fact I found a few issues, I didn’t like the fact that majority of this book was spent in training. I get that the characters needed that training to develop, however it was kinda boring and I could have done without half the shit that I read, but that’s just me and some people would have loved it because it was realistic and definitely had the usual things that come with training in a school eg bullying, making friends, learning skills etc. But I just find all that stuff boring. I live for the action and gore. I also didn’t like the start, I’ve always found Marks writing hard to digest. Don’t get me wrong his a wonderful world builder, there’s just something that doesn’t agree with me and it’s his use of words and the way he describes things, it definitely needs to be read slowly and you must get used to that style of writing as it is very unique. After a few chapters I stopped noticing the writing and it was no longer a hinderance for me, it actually became quite beautiful. I also found this book to be abit of a slow burn some parts would be exciting then it would get boring then exciting again, which I don’t enjoy I like consistent badassery. But those are my only three real issues with the book and are all very minor. I think most readers of YA and adult fantasy would enjoy this novel.

“Every star, turning in the black depth of heaven, burns for no better reason than that humanity raised its face to look. Every great deed needs to be witnessed. Go out there and do something great.”

Recommended to fantasy and to YA readers 15+ who are looking for a coming of age novel with a twist, it’s very gorey and quite brutal, it had animal torture and castration. So don’t rush out and buy it for your 12 year old daughter.

Review for Shadows for Silence in the Forest of Hell by Brandon Sanderson


“They say he shook hands with the Evil itself, that he visited the Fallen World and came back with strange powers. He can kindle fire on even the deepest of nights, and no shade will dare come for his soul. Yes, the white fox. Meanest bastard in these parts for sure. Pray he doesn’t set eyes on you, friend. If he does, you’re dead”

I really feel this book doesn’t get enough love. This is definitely one of my favourite Sanderson Novellas, I honestly loved everything about it, the plot was very cool and different from what Sanderson normally does. It was a lot darker and was actually kinda spooky. I found the concept extremely unique and different, my mind was blown to read Khriss’s notes on what the Shades are, once again Sanderson does it again, I’m in complete awe of BS, it’s getting to the point where I’m fanatical about his stuff and I feel annoyed if someone doesn’t like his books. How does he come up with these awesome books? Clearly because his a genius and the greatest author to have ever lived, yeah that’s right, I went there.
Picture from Tor hardcover edition of Arcanum Unbounded.
The world building was so cool it is basically about a shard world called Threnody and there is a forest which is like hell (so awesome I know). We follow our Main character Silence, she is a middle aged mother who is also a bounty hunter and she’s a total badass. Silence owns a waystop near the forest, she sees a criminal with a bounty in her waystop, so she follows them into the forest. But the forest is hectic because within it lives the Shades.

My only compliant is it was far too short! I wanna know more about this world and could have read a whole novel on Silence because I enjoyed her POV so much.
Recommended to all fans of Sanderson. You do not need to read his other books before this one, unless you buy Arcanum Unbounded then I suggest reading Mistborn 1-6 first and also Stormlight Archive 1-2. Read in Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection anthology.


Review for Emperors Soul by Brandon Sanderson 

“Her aunt Sol had once told Shai to smile at the worst insults and snap at the minor ones. That way, no man would know your heart.”

One of my favorite short stories by Brandon Sanderson. It’s literally only 105 pages long so it is very short. I can remember reading it for the first time and loving every second of it, on the reread I noticed a few things I had missed and it was exceptional to read again. I seriously can’t recommend this story enough. One of my all time favorite books. The feels are real and this story is filled with raw emotion.

” If you were the wall, what would you rather be? Dreary and dull, or alive with paint?”

“Walls can’t think!”

“That doesn’t stop them from caring.” 

Shai is fucking awesome. I love her.

Image from Tor hardcover edition of Arcanum Unbounded

The writing is everything you would expect from a Sanderson, it’s mind blowing and full of beautiful vivid imagery. The magic system is unique and different from his normal type, I love the whole concept of making a ‘new soul’. I swear I just love Sanderson so much. And I love this book. Please everyone go and read it! It’s so wonderfully glorious. side note: this book is set in Sel (same world as Elantris, you do not need to read Elantris first)

“He found himself weeping. Not for the future or for the emperor. These were the tears of a man who saw before himself a masterpiece. True art was more than beauty; it was more than technique. It was not just imitation. It was boldness, it was contrast, it was subtlety.”

Funnily enough I find myself weeping at the end of Sandersons novels for the exact same reasons.

Recommended to all fans of Sanderson. You do not need to read his other books before this one, unless you buy Arcanum Unbounded then I suggest reading Mistborn 1-6 first and also Stormlight Archive 1-2. Read in Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection anthology.


Review for Guns of the Dawn by Adrian Tchaikovsky 

Okay, so I’m going to start this review by saying this book is a hidden treasure. Seriously, if you haven’t read it I suggest you do, if that gorgeous cover isn’t enough to get you to purchase this book then you deserve a punch in the face. The book is set in a fantasy world in the late 19th century, if your a hardcore fantasy fan and only like EPIC fantasy or grimdark this book will not be for you, it is a low fantasy with only a tiny bit of magic. We follow our main character Emily Marshwic who I absolutely adored. It is a first person POV, which I normally don’t enjoy but I feel it suited this story. Chapter one was extremely exciting and I thought I was reading a fast paced book, however chapter two goes back a few years to before the war and I realized I was reading a slow burn fantasy. The first quarter is quite boring but the rest of the novel is absolutely amazing. The story itself is basically about a war, the people of Lascanne were promised it would be a quick fight but it has dragged on for years and the towns have been left devastated by all men young and old being sent to the war, after a few years of the war going on they run out of men for the front line and start recruiting women, our MC Emily who has never even held a gun before is sent to the front line. This is where shit gets real and I swear I couldn’t breath the whole time Emily was fighting in the war, it was so devastatingly sad and realistic I think the author did a fantastic job of showing his readers how the war does change people, because Emily is no longer a precious peach and ends up being able to handle a gun better then most men. I can’t say much more about the plot because everything will be considered a spoiler but I will say it is definitely worth reading & it is breath taking. 
Recommended to all Jane Austen fans as the writing is very similar and everyone who loves a good fiction book about war.

Review of Scythe by Neal Shusterman

                   “Thou shalt kill.”

Okay, so YA isn’t my normal genre of choice for a number of reasons, the genre itself is pretty bland and most books are samey same but this book was extremely different to the normal stereotypical YA read, it would also have to be one of my favourite YA books to date, it’s up there next to Illuminae. For a book about death and morbid shit I expected a lot more death, and wished the author didn’t hold back while delivering the goods like there wasn’t enough blood and that’s because it is a YA book, so it annoyed me. Basically the plot is about a world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery. Humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control. This is literally the blurb copy and pasted because I feel saying more will be spoilerish. But I will say it’s as good as it sounds don’t let the 3.5 rating put you off, I’m just a hater and had issues with it, but I feel most YA lovers and a lot of fantasy fans would adore this book, the plot raises a lot of questions but my main question, funnily enough was also asked in the book; “Only scythes can equalize that (death), but everyone knows the chance of being gleaned in this, or even the next millennium is so low as to be ignored.We are not the same beings we once were. So then, if we are no longer human, what are we?” it definitely had me thinking and it made me realise I would never like to live in a world like this. I thought it was humorous and well written and I love a good fast paced dystopian Sci-Fi. Like it took me by surprise with how good it actually was. Most YA imo have very simplistic plots, this books plot is pretty simple but there were a lot of TWISTS that made the book exciting and added complexity to the story. Most of them I never expected, so it kept me interested and I continued to read. It’s funny because I actually hated the start, I’m not a fan of my Main characters being high school students, don’t get me wrong i don’t dislike teenagers. I am a mother so love all kids. I just hate that nearly every high school character has the same personality. There’s always the snarky, full of angst, semi emo, outspoken brat female and always the I’m so cool male but in reality he is a pussy… And this book had those characters, yes they did develop into okay-ish characters but I’m just sick of these personality types, not all teenagers are like this. I’ll admit I really enjoyed Rowans development at the end and think he is now a cool character but Citra stayed flat for me like I HATE HER. I also like Faraday and LOVED Curie.“I can’t believe you’re being taught by the Scythe Curie.  The Grandma of Death!”

“Grande Dame, not grandma.”

I also didn’t enjoy the insta-love, seriously it came out of no where and had no build up, so it made me want to internationally scream and headbutt something,  this book in my opinion would have been better if there was no romance and the two MC’s hated each other. But that’s just what I wanted from the story and not everyone is bloodthirsty and gore-obsessed like me.

My favourite part;

“Esme ate far too much pizza. Her mother told her pizza would be the death of her. She never imagined it might actually be true.”

I would totally embrace a death by pizza.

Recommended to everyone.


Review of Uprooted by Naomi Novik

image“What an unequaled gift for disaster you have.”

So I’m going to start off my review with talking about the catch phrase on the cover “enchanting in every sense” – the whole time reading this story I couldn’t stop thinking about the quote. I would have to agree that it is a spot on description, while reading uprooted, I had goose bumps it is a truly enchanting & magical story. I loved uprooted and it will always be one of those very special books I have read. It actually reminded me of a disney story but obviously less childish. So definitely a guilty pleasure that I will hold close to my heart and always reread.


When I first picked up uprooted I totally rolled my eyes and thought ‘great another YA trash book that’s like all the others’ I usually avoid books that have a lot of hype because I guess the hype just isn’t for me, but what I actually got was a pleasant surprise, this book is so different to anything I have ever read before, the ideas are fresh and fun. A friend of mine told me this is his daughters favorite book, I now understand why everyone loves it, it is beautiful.

It definitely gave me the FEELS! I did however cry a few times in this story, not because it was sad, but because I loved the writing so much.. It had some really beautiful sentences that melted my heart, as you all know I am a sensitive little flower and cry at every chance I get, lol I’m pathetic I know but I love being emotional, I love when a book makes me cry.


One of the lines that made me cry;

“After a moment he grudgingly put his arm around me. The deep quiet was already settling back upon the grove, as if all the fire and rage we’d brought could make only a brief interruption in its peace. The ash had sunk into the muddy bottom of the pool, and been swallowed up. The trees were letting their scorched leaves fall into the water, and moss crept over the torn bare patches of earth, new blades of grass unfurling. At the head of the pool, the new heart-tree tangled with the old one, bracing it up, sealing over the jagged scar. They were putting out small white flowers, like stars.”

Honestly I have no idea why I cried, it just touched my heart. :’)

I absolutely loved the plot – every ten years the grumpy old dragon comes from his tower and chooses a girl from the valley to train as a witch, no one knows why he does it. In the story he chooses Agnieszka who is not pretty or special in anyway but in my opinion she is a truly beautiful character, yes she did irritate me with her ‘too good’ attitude and what I mean by that is she is actually made from rainbows, puppy dogs & kittens she is the sweetest little thing with absolutely no badness in her. I like grey characters so Agnieszka wasn’t for me, but I did however love her at the same time. She is clumsy & quite stubborn but actually only has good intentions. She ends up being one of the strongest witches despite her unwillingness to learn. Her magic is different from everyone else’s so everyone thinks she is quite special. There was a moment in the book were she went into the forest with Baba Jagas book and said a spell that made the corruption cringe from her, I do not understand why she didn’t keep using that spell to destroy the forest. I guess she’s ‘too good’ to destroy anything, but it all worked out in the end as it always does with stories like this.


The dragon was a character that I LOVED. Seriously I liked him from the beginning and ended up in love with him at the end. He is the grumpiest person alive but an absolute sweet heart under that tough exterior. I liked reading about his past and really felt sympathy for him.

Kasia was my favorite, so pretty but deadly. She was the only character in this book that I felt was a badass. The friendship between her Agnieszka touched my soul, true friendship :’).

I hated all the other characters, I really did not like Solya I felt he was a turncoat and would blow whatever way the wind was blowing he has no loyalty to anyone except for himself and Marek who is a rapist pig.

“Magic was singing in me, through me; I felt the murmur of his power singing back that same song.”

The magic in this book was spot on for me & realistic. When I think of witchcraft I don’t think of mind control or anything cool and epic, I think of spell casters having to learn spells of magic to get any effect and that’s what u get in this story, magic takes time to learn and you need to pronounce the spell correctly to have an effect so I was glad the author made it realistic.

There was a sex scene in this book which was raunchy as hell, I don’t think this book would be suitable for anyone under 16 unless you censor out chapter 27 lol.

The monsters were creepy and I googled every monster and found out the author did her research and used real monsters from folklore. So a great, heart warming read for everyone. Seriously this is one of those cute, warm fluffy reads that makes you smile the whole time your reading it, adorable & lovable in every sense.

“But she hadn’t been able to take root. She’d remembered the wrong things, and forgotten too much. She’d remembered how to kill and how to hate, and she’d forgotten how to grow.”

Total rating:

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